Pet Portraits Make Perfect Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts should be significant. We all enjoy receiving birthday gifts that show that the giver has given special thought to making the gift personal and special as well as appropriate. Giving a school shirt to a young child is almost as bad as giving a tie to someone who already has 20 ties in his closet.

Birthdays gifts that are practical, useful, or necessary items should be given for school graduation, retirement parties, Christmas or other holiday celebrations, but birthdays should be seen as opportunities to give something unique and meaningful.

Pet owners are the easiest to buy birthday gifts for

Did you ever see a dog laugh? Or catch a cat smiling over its shoulder? Almost everyone who has ever loved a pet can not help but believe that they have witnessed at one time or another every kind of human emotion expressed by their own pets.

Pets stimulate natural positive human emotions of caring and nurturing and serve important functions in the lives of their owners. Young children form very close emotional bonds with their pets and older children learn about caring for their pets and the responsibilities of having an animal companion. Older people depend on their pets for companionship and comfort, and people with serious illnesses have even shown marked improvement in their health when they enjoy the company of an animal. Pet Portraits

From the beginning of Man domestication of animals, cats and dogs, fish and birds, and other small animals have shared living space with their human owner. Pet animals have adapted to humans and humans have responded with care and affection, even to the point of considering them ‘family’. This close attachment is the reason why giving people birthday gifts that include their pets can be just as successful as giving gifts that relate to their children or spouses.

The hard way to make pet portraits for birthday gifts

If you are planning to give a portrait of pet as a birthday gift you could tell the pet owner in advance what you want to do, and schedule a photo session to take digital photographs of the pet. Then, you could order an enlargement to be printed of the best shot, and after you receive the print you could take it to a frame shop to have the printed portrait mounted under glass in a frame. This method is time consuming and could become rather expensive.

The easy way to make pet portraits for birthday gifts

A much easier and more thoughtful way – especially if you like to give surprise birthday gifts – is to take digital photographs of the pet when the pets owner is not around. You may have to enlist the help of a relative or friend to accomplish this.

Once you have a great photo, upload the digital image to an online art gallery that offers full services for printing on canvas. In one sitting, you can choose the enlargement size you want and have it printed on canvas using the giclée printing technique. At the same time, you can choose a frame. The gallery should give you final approval of the image before they print it and ship it to you. You will be very pleasantly surprised how inexpensive the portrait will be and at how quickly it will be processed and shipped.


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