Japan Will Shoot Down North Korean Missile Satellite Launch

Well, it seems there is just far too much chaos and controversy going on in the territorial waters around Asia. It seems that everyone wishes to control the airspace and the oceans, not to mention capitalize on all the resources available from fishing to oil, and from natural gas to REE’s. As if we didn’t have enough animosity between China and her neighbors such as; the Philippines, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan – now we have more challenges to face in the already kindled fire wood which is having its flames fanned. Okay so, let’s talk about this shall we?

We all know the dangers of having nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea and how concerned their neighboring nations are right now. For those of us who study nuclear proliferation, we are even more worried that North Korea wishes to establish the exporting of nuclear weapons to nations around the world as a new industry. It appears that the much of world is not interested in that, and we are trying to quell any continued thoughts on that from the new Kim Jong Un.

There was another alarming development recently in the on-going saga of North Korea, as now they are planning to launch a satellite, but Japan said if it does, 링크모음 they will attempt to shoot it down. An article in Space War on March 30, 2012 titled; “Japan approves shoot-down plan for N. Korean rocket,” stated that;

“Japan’s Prime Minister gave the green light to shoot down a N. Korean rocket if it threatens Japan’s territory, as the planned launch raises global alarm bells. N. Korea said it will fire a rocket to put a satellite into orbit between April 12 and 16 to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of founding president Kim Il-Sung, saying the launch was for peaceful purposes. The US and its allies suspect it is a disguised missile test, & say the launch would contravene UN sanctions aimed at curbing North Korea’s missile program.”

As well, you can see how things are getting out of hand, now Japan is threatening to shoot down a so-called “peaceful satellite rocket” from North Korea if they do happen to launch it. Perhaps this is good news for US defense contractors that make anti-missiles shields, and sell the latest high-tech weapons, but it probably isn’t good for anyone living in that region to have these tensions continue to grow. Just recently it looked as if all the ASEAN trading block was going to get along fine, and begin increased international trade within the region.

It also looked as if it was possible to bring North Korea back on board and into the fold, which would absolutely change its dire economic situation presently. Now all of a sudden, all of that is off the table, negotiations have broken down again, and we seem to be doing nothing more than repeating past period’s history. Perhaps, someone should tell the humans living in that area of the world to knock it off. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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