Natural Beauty Treatments Are Kinder to You for Natural Hair Colouring and for Covering Grey

Henna has been used traditionally in South Asia to add shine and to colour grey hair. Henna powder is plant based and green in colour. Put one cup of henna powder in a mixing boil, add warm water until the paste is the consistency of honey. Use a pastry brush to apply to hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap, leave to dry for a few hours. Rinse off the henna paste until the water runs clear. Your hair will be shinier and healthier with a gorgeous red highlights.

You can also buy ready mixed henna paste in handy tubes with a “piping” cap that dispenses henna in a thin, fine line. This has been designed to be used for henna temporary tattoo designs for decorating hands and feet for the Asian bride.

The applicator makes it perfect for using directly onto your hair, 613 color wig covering all your hair quickly, easily and without mess. This technique is perfect for covering any grey hair. Your hair will have red tones if you have dark hair. If your hair is grey, it will become a deep red. You can also buy black henna if you prefer darker shades.

Henna also conditions your hair as well as adding colour to your hair. Your hair will be shinier, softer and more manageable. This natural hair colourant actually makes your hair stronger after use rather than weaker as is the case with some hair colourants. Chemical hair colourants can actually weaken and change the hair shaft so that it becomes more porous.

Gypsies traditionally use strong tea as a hair colourant and tonic. The natural tannin content of tea temporarily darkens grey hair but leaves a natural looking colour. Medium-strength tea will add gloss and sheen to dark hair: save the left-overs from your pot, strain well and use the liquid, cooled, as the last rinse after shampooing. Vinegar has the same effect.

Walnuts can have a slight colouring effect. They were first used to darken and enhance hair colour in Roman times. If you are a brunette, try adding 4oz (100 g) of chopped walnuts to 1 pint (600 ml) of boiling water. Strain, apply the resulting liquid and leave on for 15-20 minutes.


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