How Pizza is Served in UK

London is offering both traditional and modern pizza lovers something to bite their teeth into. Pizza is a loved delicacy here. When it comes down to preparing it, every one is ready to offer suggestions. But only a pizza connoisseur knows the best.

London is the city when one can taste the most exotic varieties of pizza prepared with the conventions of gourmet cooking. So, what’s so haute about the pizza in London. Well its not of the American grease bucket type which scares away most of the health conscious people with its loads of cheese layers. But it is something which is exuberant but still healthy. Pizza-purists wont be much dismayed with the choice of pizzas available in UK, although they are a far cry from the quintessential Italian and American pizzas. Britons love their food and know how to gourmet it, so here mussels, squid, Pizza near me red peppers and capers all are served on the pizza. For the gormandisers, London is the exact pizza destination once you are not bothered about your calorie intake. What you can get here is pizza with thin crusty bead and generous toppings which is inconsiderate of ones gastro capabilities.. The kind of toppings used in London are eclectic from antichoke hearts to basil. And the pizza isn’t dumped into Mozzarella.

In this country, nearly every kind of pizza one can think of is actually prepared in homes, from Italian, Thai, Mexican to Chinese varieties. In UK,everybody loves to gorge on a pizza with the toppings of anchovies, even meat toppings like chicken, crayfish, oysters and dandelions are becoming popular in some regions in UK. Britons are quite daring when it comes to pizza toppings and here you can ask for anything, be it porcini, chiye, bresaola and rocket on your pizza. Even truffle oil is used on pizza before it is baked. So, if you want a Pizza that is a bit on the spicier side, then a pizza with toppings of wild mushrooms and served with peppercorn sauce is also available.

Highly recommended for a bite is Beluga caviar used on a pizza in London which truly lends the pizza an exotic taste. Sliced onions and chopped eggs are also endearing choices of pizza toppings in UK.

Pizza has got a new definition in this country because here it’s a tantalizing dish, and not an American version of some heavy calories packed junk food. For the old school meat eaters, salami is used as a topping along with parmesan cheese on the pizza. Contemplate having a pizza with taleggio, pecorino and goat’s cheese, and your taste buds will be satiated.

All varieties of Italian pizza are available in the original richness from the pizza marinara, to pizza Napoletana, Fiorentina and four seasons. Here the pizza is prepared in a large 12 inch size for a completely pacifying meal.

The calzone has also made an entry in this country, so the recent pizza devourers cant be left behind in appeasing themselves. Since the country follows a tradition of rich pizza toppings, here one can get oregano, prosciutto and mushrooms on the pizza. Pizza Margherita is also served in a more tangier manner with garnishing of sausage and spicy salami.

Apart from Mozzarella, ricotta is also one of the pizza cheese used in this country. The don Tellico Italian version of pizza has also got a facelift with more saucier toppings of cherry tomatoes, basil, anchovies and scamorza cheese. Parma ham and aubergine are also other scintillating toppings served.


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