Affordability And Quality – Plastic Surgery In Costa Rica

Medical Tourism – Quicky Facts

Medical tourism or some may call it medical outsourcing is a term that originated from the rapid growth of an industry where people from around the globe are traveling to other countries to acquire medical treatments, dental procedures and surgical care while at the same time touring and having leisure trips to the tourist spots of the country they are visiting. This phenomenon lead the increase in number of patients traveling abroad because of these factors: high cost of health care in highly industrialized countries, favorable exchange rates in the global economy, improving technology and standards of care of other countries offering medical care, and to top it all the proven safety of health care in select countries that steadily increases the trend of medical tourism.

Countries like Costa Rica is among the top nations that deliver excellent but cheap plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica, a typical face-lift for instance is more likely to cost between $3,500 and $6,000, the price includes travel, meals, accommodation and vacation trips. But if the patient considers a face-lift performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited surgical facility in the U.S., the cost would be in the $7,000 to $9,000 range, this includes surgical fees, anesthesia fees and operation facility fees. The price also varies with regards to geography, the prices will be 50% more than the usual if the patient is within the city where demands for plastic surgery is higher. If done is less urban areas, like in the South and Midwest, the price range will be a little lower.

Talking about the price range, people may think why plastic surgery in Costa Rica and countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina is much cheaper compared to prices in the U.S. The answer is simple, the cost of living of doing business in these countries are less. These countries have less expensive lands, cheaper construction cost, lower labor cost, lower taxes and lower administrative cost. These reasons have granted the dream of all patients to acquire cheap plastic surgery with quality that can compete with the U.S. standards. top surgery

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica – A word of mouth

Undoubtedly Costa Rica, is a top choice for medical tourism patients when it comes to affordable cosmetic surgery. The countries medical community has been in the medical tourism business since the late 1970’s. Enough experience for medical facilities in the country to grow and develop. Costa Rica’s health care system is very advanced, in fact, medical facilities in San Jose is considered one of the best in Latin America.

In the United States, former patients are spreading the word within their local community. Friends, relatives and acquaintances or anyone who are looking for affordable cosmetic surgery are being referred to Costa Rica. More recently, medical tourism businesses help keep the customers coming or even escort them in.

The country boasts highly-competent specialists in dental procedures and plastic surgical treatments like affordable tummy tuck and liposuction in Costa Rica which lured many tourist because of the professionalism of their work.

The country’s specialists in cosmetic surgery procedures are fully-credentialed and are experienced in the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques available. Costa Rica’s Plastic Surgery Board provides listings of physicians who are credentialed members of the national association that can provide excellent but affordable tummy tuck and liposuction in Costa Rica.

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