Dollars on Your Doorstep If You Know How to Organize Sales Letter Campaigns Or Sales Series

Sales letters are usually planned in a series and a number of letters are sent to the addresses on the mailing lists. The series is carefully planned and timed so as to induce people on the mailing lists to take a definite step at a definite time. “The plan is a little like the pattern followed by an orchestra leader who starts out modestly and softly and gradually works his orchestra to a crescendo”.

There are three types of sales letter systems or series:

1) The campaign series

2) The wear-out skies

3) The continuous series

The Campaign Series

The campaign series performs all the functions which sales letters perform. It pursues an inquiry from a customer and secures renewal of orders by direct mail. Pressure over a period of time produces the expected sales action. This is the secret of the campaign series. As the series continues there is increasing emphasis on the functions of conviction and action. Wbseries Media

In this series the number of letters is fixed in advance. A target date is also fixed. No letter in the series is a complete sales letter. Each letter in the series produces a chain reaction which has a cumulative effect. The series is not concluded until the last letter is posted or a favorable response has been received.

Wear-Out Series

The function of this series is to wear-out the sales resistance of the prospects by constant repetition. Magazines and book-clubs subscriptions are obtained through the wear-out series. The wear-cut series is generally useful in selling products which are low in price in relation to the income of the prospects. The product has a variety of appeals. It may be elegant; it may be economical; it may save time; it may be durable. Different appeals are used in different letters to make the series effective. The wear-out series continues as long as each mailing in the series paves it own way.

Continuous Series

The continuous series is used to sell not one product but a variety of products. This series is employed to get new customers and also to contact the present customers. Department stores, insurance companies, manufacturing firms etc. employ this series. The letters in this series may be used to sell directly, to solicit inquiries, to invite the reader to visit the store and to promote business relationship.

The sales letter campaign or series, if it is to be successful should follow certain principles:

1) The series should be well planned. The writer should know that the series has a specific function to perform.

2) Appearances are important and so the envelope, stationery, printing etc. should be attractive.


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