Getting Your Good Ideas and Making Them Work

Getting good ideas is the core of our lives. Machines won’t operate without the people who develop, make, maintain and service them. Getting ideas is just a technique that is teachable or more importantly easily learnable. Humans are the same they can’t work without getting good ideas either. But and it’s a big but; (no double meaning here!) having a good ideas is certainly not the same as putting it into practice. What is more, that seems to be the root of the frustration of ideas for getting more done but not knowing how to put them into action. ideasandmind

Getting an idea is a matter of inspiration, but getting something finished is a matter of discipline. Many people have several different projects at different stages of completion, which is fine if you know how to complete them. However, even more people don’t have a clue how to finalize that good idea; does that ring a bell with you?

The process of getting good ideas can be like trying to ride riding a wild horse. You always end up with bruises and broken legs. Having a good idea and converting those ideas is the biggest challenge. This challenge is still achievable nevertheless with the right technique. There are several ways to getting your good ideas and brainstorming is one that works well but it requires that you write down literally any glimpse of a concept that occurs no matter how lame or ridiculous it may initially appear.

You can simply brainstorm by yourself or if you have others who have some knowledge on what you want to achieve; like a new work process for example, invite them in too, but don’t be afraid to ask someone who isn’t overly familiar with the processes they may be much more objective! ideashackers

The key to good brainstorming is a process and a very open mind and attitude to what you are doing and taking care to note down all and that is every idea that is mentioned, so that you have the best foundation of good concepts to be able to process your main idea. You can then evaluate your findings.



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