Parenting 101 – Getting Ready For Middle School

Though some of the sweetness of elementary school lingers, Online Coding Classes for Kids things get down to business from day one in middle school.

It’s a matter of finding homeroom and then figuring out how to quickly work the locker combination before setting off on a quest to find one new classroom after another. And that, of course, means being confronted by a variety of new teachers and collecting an assortment of weighty textbooks. Gym fits in there somewhere, too, as does finding a place to sit in the cafeteria, teeming with hundreds of fellow students . . .

By days two and three, teacher talk quickly turns to tests, homework, projects, rozbawieni and research papers and work begins in earnest. Your child needs to be ready for it all, so before that first day of school:

1. Update immunizations and keep a record.

2. Buy school supplies together.

3. Ease into earlier and earlier bedtimes, so that by opening day, an early bedtime has been established. Kids need at least 9 hours of sleep every night-and a good breakfast every morning, too. drommabed

4. Find out both the school bus pick-up time and location; then drive it to get an idea of how long your child will travel each way.

5. Visit the school’s online website for the date and time of the orientation program-an opportunity for your child to be introduced to administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors and also visit homeroom and receive his/her class rosters. Don’t miss it. Anime

6. Also on the website: school rules, procedures, regulations, dress code, etc., plus homework and testing policies and the school calendar. Make a note of special events, holidays, and in-service days.

7. Talk about the pros and cons of buying lunch. A bagged lunch makes it easier to quickly find a place to sit and eat, an advantage especially during those first few days.

8. Set limits on extra-curricular activities; otherwise your child risks being overextended and doing poorly in school.

9. Buy a combination lock for your child to practice on, so the one at school is easier to open. That combination should be recorded and given to you in case your child is ever absent and you have to pick up textbooks.

10. Establish at-home guidelines, making homework and test prep your #1 priority, frequent family dinners, limits on cell phone, computer, and video game use, and early-to-bed routines.

11. Set up a well-lit, well-stocked, quiet work place for your child, devoid of such temptations as ipods, cell phones, and the like. Top Suomi Kasinot

12. Create a Drop Spot where everything that’s needed for the next day for school can be assembled the night before, minus the free reading book and refrigerated lunch.

13. Visit the school and ask if you can take a self-directed tour using the school map.

And remember: the middle school years are loaded with new responsibilities, pressures, and temptations, so keep the lines of communication open and never forget that you are the parent-not your child’s best friend. You’re the one who makes the rules, sets the limits, and establishes priorities. No wiggle room.


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