Fast Info Product Creation

Let’s face it, most of the things we do in life nowadays we expect to happen fast. Our hectic modern lives don’t leave us much spare time, infos-live whether that’s our business life or personal life. The trouble is, if something takes too long then it often gets put on the back bench and never gets finished. So if you’re thinking of creating an info product, it’s often best to do it fast.

1. Do some niche research

Don’t spend forever on doing niche research. Until your info product is launched, you won’t know whether or not it will sell at all, let alone whether it will do well or badly. thermn

So if this is the first product you’ve created, do some very simple keyword research. Personally, I prefer to use Google itself – it comes up with suggestions as you type and if you switch off the “instant” option then you’ll get a choice of 10 phrases that people are currently typing in. I ignore the search volumes in the Google keyword tool because I assume that if Google suggests it, people will select it. My site statistics typically prove this assumption right. Fluxusiptv.

So set yourself a maximum of 30 minutes for your niche research. Set an alarm on your phone and stop researching when it goes off.

You’re looking for product areas that have relevant paid adverts. So skim the adverts that come up in the search results and figure out what they’re selling and an approximate price range. Whether that’s below $100, above $1,000 or whatever. Lower prices have to be compensated for by higher sales, exactly the same as happens in a retail store. rare-chems

2. Do some subject research

Depending on how well you know your subject, this could be a quick revision or it may involve buying 3 or 4 books on the subject and devouring them over the next few weeks.

You also need to find out what questions people are asking about your chosen niche. Forums and places like Yahoo Answers are great places to do this research fast.

The questions you come up with should form the backbone of the product you’re creating. world-arms

3. Start creating!

Whether you’ve chosen to create a written product or a series of audios or videos matters less than the actual process of starting creation of your product.

There’s something in the human psyche that nudges us on when we’ve started a process. We seem to have difficulty leaving things unfinished – think of all those jigsaws you did as a child or the fact that you have to go to the answers to the crossword tomorrow if you didn’t manage to complete it today.

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