Online Shopping Paradise

Do you have shopping experience on eBay? It’s so popular in the world nowadays, yorkshiretelegraph however, little people know it one decade ago. With the popularity of PC and internet, more and more people consider shopping online to be one of their favorite hobbies as they can sit comfortably before their PC after work with a cup of cool drink or hot coffee and select merchandise they want by clicking the mouse; they can view thousands of merchandise in just single category on their PC screen, which is totally unimaginable in traditional offline stores; also they don’t need to struggle in the crowds with sweat soaked clothes and sore feet to snatch their fond items and stand exhausted in a long line waiting for more than one hour to pay the bill…

Yes, compared with traditional offline shopping in department store or supermarket or chain store, shopping online has so many advantages: cymrutoday more styles for your selection, unlimited stocks, 24/7 opening time, instant price comparison of same item between different sellers, short checking-out time with their credit cards or online account like PayPal….

Here we will introduce Taobao – China’s eBay – to you. Maybe it still does not sound so often around the world now, but as China’s biggest C2C website, Taobao attracts millions of Chinese young people to spend billions of dollars on it every year. In China, eBay has lost the competition to Taobao for many years. When it comes to online shopping, tynenews every Chinese will say Taobao is second to none without a hesitation. In fact, Taobao has occupied more than 80% of Chinese online C2C market now. It does the same C2C online sale like eBay and iOffer, but its flexible and fresh platform, customized instant messenger to help buyers and sellers to communicate freely and millions of merchandise backed on the world’s biggest factory-China, make Taobao much better than eBay and iOffer.

For international online shoppers, the pity is Taobao only focuses on the Chinese market at the moment, as most sellers on Taobao don’t know English, nottinghamstandard also the payment system which is called Zhifubao that Taobao offers is confined to Chinese citizen now, while Paypal is more international and accepts all main currencies on the world with updated exchange rate to USD.

However, don’t worry if you want to buy some good items from Taobao. Our website Taobao-Agent offers great assistance to help you shop directly from Taobao. We are offering services such as translation, contacting the sellers for you to check the size or color availability, paying, packing and forwarding your order. We are confident that people who have online shopping habits to buy merchandise on internet will definitely love being our regular customers.capitaltoday


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