These Mobile Stats Are Great News For Your Business

Here’s some fascinating statistics about mobile-based web browsing in the USA, qqstamp for the quarter that just ended:


  • Two-thirds of people use either an iPhone, or an iPod touch.
  • About fifteen percent use an Android-based phone.
  • About ten percent use a Blackberry device.


(Source: Quantcast.)

This is all GREAT news for you. Let me explain.

You may have heard that the mobile web is emerging as a new MASS MEDIA. Like newsprint, radio, television… even the the regular, desktop-oriented internet itself. quickstamp

And while people have been able to go online with mobile handhelds for quite some time, until recently, it was often more trouble than it was worth. Things are different now.

Think of the ways that a website can help your business be more successful:


  • Generating leads
  • Sales and order taking
  • Automating customer service
  • Public relations and Marketing (paired with SEO, quickstamp helps prospects find you)


The mobile web is the first truly personal mass media… personal and intimate to a degree not possible in other outlets. What’s the opportunity? If you can reach prospects and clients through mobile, you have a POWERFUL advantage right off the bat.

Now, back to these numbers I mention at the start. Why are they “great news” for you?

It means those phones providing a better web browsing experience are “leading the pack” in ACTUAL USAGE. That’s the important metric, more visit sites> by the way – how many of your potential clients are using the device to go online.

The iPhone platform is dominant at this point. By many objective measures, browsing the web is currently better – more effective, more fun – on that kind of device that its competitors.

That means your web presence will be more impactful on such devices… translating into MORE ways your company’s web presence can work for you… giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

(And of course, the iPhone’s competitors – like Android and Blackberry – are working hard to catch up. In time this will benefit you even more.)

If your company’s website delivers a poor mobile experience, perhaps now is the time to get it fixed – to let it reach people going online with handhelds.


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