A NO-Nonsense Guide To Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale

Have you heard of Affiliate marketing before now? If NO, that’s somewhat unusual, buzops but keep cool, you’re about to be exposed to a lot in this write-up and you should be sure to learn a lot from it. Firstly, a definition of Affiliate marketing will be necessary at this point – I won’t bore you with needless talks, so just take it: Affiliate marketing, simply defined is a method of making money on the Internet whereby you get rewarded for helping a business promote its good or service. Note that ‘good or service’ here can refer to websites, e-books, physical goods, services or anything in-between. Affiliate marketing involves advertising other people’s products and getting paid a certain fixed percentage as commission for every sale made.

Yes, you can just compare Affiliate marketing to what happens in the regular brick and mortar business; You sell products for people and then you get compensated for your efforts – only that the profit potential and available reach is well enormous on the Internet.

What Do I Do As An Affiliate?

Those who do the selling in Affiliate marketing are generally referred to as ‘Affiliates’. Basically, you indicate interest to become a company’s affiliate, bellanic and advertise for them;

You can promote the product through a customized link prepared for you, so the product’s details are embedded in it. This is the company’s way of tracking your leads and sales. Each affiliate has a unique link.

And when someone orders the product from your link, your advertisers’ note it and you get rewarded a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per conversion. Note also that that the product may be a subscription service or tasks such as filling forms or completing survey exercises. Essentially, this is a win-win situation. The advertisers create an affiliate platform to get you the necessary tools as an affiliate, track your leads and pay you afterwards – most even help you with tips on how to sell more copies of their products.

How Do I Get Started As An Affiliate? There are steps to start selling products for that company and earning your first affiliate commission. sokosmiracle Let’s go through these steps;


  1. Get The Right Affiliate Product To Promote
  2. Indicate Your Interest
  3. Promote Product And Get Sales


So, let’s do a brush-through now;


  • Get The Right Affiliate Product To Promote


This is the first and the most crucial step.  Any mistake or error committed here may kill your affiliate business sales dead. A tip that comes in handy here is to choose a product that will be of benefit to your audience. For instance, it will totally be useless and unprofitable to promote an Internet Marketing product on a Stop Smoking Tips Blog. You could as well be doing harm to your sales and online reputation if the product you chose to promote is of low standard. To get help finding the right affiliate product that suits you, you can do a quick search on Google. sokoskinnyteaType: Your Keyword + Affiliate program”. For example, if you’re targeting the Parenting niche, type: ‘Parenting + Affiliate Program’ and you should find the appropriate product to promote. However, a popular method is to go through Affiliate Networks. An affiliate network serves as a link between companies (or merchants) and publishers (or affiliates). These companies go over to submit their product’s details to the Affiliate networks, in order for affiliates to go over and sign up to promote such products. Some of the popular Affiliate Networks are: ClickBank (helps thousands of companies and individuals present their products to affiliates. I earned my first affiliate sale from this site promoting a Woodwork affiliate e-book), Commission Junction, Amazon, ShareaSale and a host of others. You can also promote products for individuals who are directly employing affiliates to advertise for them.


  • Indicate Interest


The next step is to signify your intention to start promotion of your desired affiliate product. While some require you to sign up with anew for a product before getting you to promote for them, most (like ClickBank) will only require you to sign up once and then you only need to get your appropriate links for any other product you wish to promote in their Marketplace. sokojewelry A link will be generated for you and you’re good to go.


  • Promote Product And Get Sales


Believe me, you can get everything else right, but if you can’t correctly find you way around this, your entire affiliate marketing efforts are just what they are – efforts, not results. Here are proven and effective ways by which you can start the promotion of your product:


  • Are you a Blogger: If you have a blog with good readership, all you do is put a banner or well-wrapped link of the affiliate product on your sidebar with your affiliate link. This is a very efficient method but ensure the products you promote can be guaranteed by you or can do what you say it can. Your blog projects your brand. You do not want to promote crap or fluff and expect people to respect your brand.



  • Social Networks Will Greatly Help: Social network evolution is a phenomenon ready to change the way we’ve been marketing before now – you and I cannot deny that. Facebook has an estimated 600 million users while Twitter keeps coming behind with roughly 200 million subscribers. Now this is your golden chance.


If you use twitter, you can search for tweets in your niche and reply to them with helpful affiliate link to your product (wrapped with your beautiful link). For Example: You search for your niche, let’s say “Stop Smoking tips”, on Twitter and you find a tweet of a desperate person who wants to quit smoking at all cost. Now, If your product can really help such a person, you simply can re tweet with your affiliate product link.


  • Article Marketing Really Rocks: Writing and submitting articles is the most utilized way of raking affiliate commissions and hear this – Do this right, and it will definitely work. Write an article related to your product and then submit it to various article directories. Beneath your article is the resource box where you can add hyperlinks of your choice. But the drawback is that most of the reputed Article Directories do not allow the use of affiliate links in your resource box. So, to get the most benefit, you have to first write about what you feel (kind of a review) of the selected affiliate product on your blog or elsewhere (where you can add your affiliate links) and then create a related or mini but informative article (this is important), for article directories, containing your review post’s link in the resource box of that article.


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