Get Started Stamping – Choosing Your Essential Supplies

Stamping is an amazingly simple, yet incredibly versatile craft. It is a quick an easy way to explore and express your creativity. Because the stamps themselves provide you with ready-made images, quickstamp it completely eliminates the need for any drawing ability. With the proper supplies, knowledge and techniques, anyone can feel like an artist!

There are several essential supplies needed to get started stamping.


There are many different types of stamps available for just about any theme or occasion you can possibly imagine, which can be purchased either individually or in sets. What you choose, is going to depend on what you want to do with it. If your primary interest is in card-making, quick stamp then a good all-occasion stamp set with a combination of images and greetings is a great place to start. If you want to integrate stamping into your scrapbooking then an alphabet stamp set, or some background stamps are a good choice. Beginning stampers often find that clear stamps are easier to use than rubber stamps simply because you can see through them and hence see where exactly you are stamping them. If you do opt for clear stamps, quickstp then make sure you choose polymer or photo-polymer stamps made in North America.


As with stamps, the type of ink you choose is going to depend on what you want to do with it. For card-making, dye based ink is probably the easiest way to start. It’s available in a range of colors, and because it’s quick drying, there is less risk of smudging your work. For scrapbookers, quickstamp longevity and fade-resistance is key, so pigment ink is the best choice. A neutral color such as black or brown, as well as a selection of a few colors is sufficient to start out with.


Paper comes in a wide variety of shapes, qqstamp sizes, colors, patterns and textures. In order to achieve the best stamped results look for papers with a smooth texture. It’s always good to start out with light, neutral colors like white or cream for stamping your images on.

Other Tools

When starting any craft, it can be difficult to decide which tools are necessary and which can be added at a later stage. Basic tools for stamping include a portable 12″ paper trimmer and some unscented baby wipes for cleaning off your stamps. Beyond these tools, outdoors fan what you choose to add is going to depend on what you are planning on doing with your stamped images.


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