An Oil Free Fryer in the News

Did you know that some incredible person has invented an oil free fryer? The fryer is powered by infrared waves or radiant heat, and can cook foods that just have a little oil on them. Those in the know, say that the french fry that is being cooked in this way tastes just the same as one that has been deep-fried. The food scientist who invented the radiant fryer is actually targeting it for commercial kitchens, saying it will be perfect for cooking hash browns and fries and chicken nuggets, things that are normally cooked in a fast food restaurant.

The inventor of this fryer has been working on it for more than 7 years along with his colleague. He’s been trying to find a way to cook food in a much healthier, freechip safer, way. He has also been trying to find something that would fry food faster, and taste better than using hot oil. He’s hoping to have the oil free fryer on the market this spring.

The designer of this fat free fryer, has been surprised at the number of people who have asked him to design one for home use. He says it would take some work and further tinkering before a home version could be made ready. Can you imagine the money he will make if a company like McDonald’s for instance or KFC decides to use his invention? Just when governments are talking about putting a tax on junk food, to help stop obesity, he could probably ask whatever price he wanted.



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