Hearing Loss Is Very Common – Here Are Some Hearing Loss Facts

The deaf or hard of hearing people constitute the largest majority among the group of disabled people across the globe.

60% suffering from hearing loss are mostly males.
25% with hearing loss use hearing aids.
5% of the population needs a surgical treatment.
30% can’t afford hearing aids.
33% hide their hearing loss problems.
5% are not aware of hearing loss problems in them.

It takes on an average of 7 years for us to realize our hearing loss problems and to seek help.

Most people tend to lose their confidence and stop to attend public gatherings or events because of loss in hearing.

Hearing aids don’t benefit each one having hearing loss problems.

Adult hearing loss facts:

More than half the people with hearing loss problems are below the age of 45.
People aging from 21 to 35 are mostly prone to hearing problems.
Only 9.7% people above the age of 65 and a 78% people above the age of 55 hear normally. https://supremehealthtips.com
65% people are below the age of 65.

Hearing problems are known to be the third prevalent disease amongst seniors that is disabling still treatable, other than arthritis and hypertension.

Children facts:

Out of a thousand newborns everyday in the United States, one is born profoundly deaf, while another 2-3 have partial problems. This escalates hearing deficiency as the number one birth defect in the USA.

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a common disease therefore newborns are checked frequently which is 20 times less prevalent than hearing problems.

When hearing problems are detected after the first few months of life, which is the most critical time for stimulating the auditory pathways to centers of the brain may be lost, click here hearingaid-guide.comwhich may significantly delay speech and language development.

Only 69% infants less than a month of age get their hearing checked.
When hearing deficiency does not get identified in children at early age, special education for them costs an
$420,000, with a lifetime cost of $ 1,000,000 an individual.

In these modern times several treatments are available to those who suffer from hearing problems. The course of treatment for a person depends on the reason and the intensity of loss. For infants or young children who have a constant fluid buildup on the ear canal, a tube placed in the eardrum might be necessary. This helps preventing the accumulation of fluid. People who develop tumors, a very simple surgery to remove the tumor may be performed.

On the other hand people suffering from conductive or neural loss may benefit a lot from a hearing device such as a hearing aid. These aides have microphones that pick up sounds and amplify it before it reaches the eardrum. Various types of aids are available in many shapes and sizes to suit the user.

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