‘Quick Start’ For Life Insurance Sales

One of the most common marketing strategies insurance companies and agencies use, to help insurance agents get off to a quick start and start making money fast, is offering mortgage insurance. In theory, mortgage insurance should be an easy sale for any insurance agent. Today, there are very few people who don’t have a large mortgage on their home. It’s generally the largest monthly expense families have, and typically consumes 30% to 50% of a family’s net monthly income. The ability to payoff the home mortgage, in the event of the death or disability of a breadwinner, is a need that most people easily recognize and would like to cover.

The problem is that most recruiters, managers and sales trainers, who are promoting selling mortgage insurance, do not have a great record of success with the mortgage insurance marketing strategy. In fact 90% of the agents who are taught to sell mortgage insurance, ‘Do Not Survive Their First Year.’ And, most of the agents, who are lucky enough to make it past their first year, are struggling to earn a measly $30,000 per year.

If most homeowners recognize the need, and they would like to have mortgage insurance, then why are so many agents struggling to survive using this marketing strategy?

The biggest complaint we hear from agents is they don’t have enough qualified prospects! (Mortgage Leads) They are either purchasing their mortgage leads from a lead company or they are using a direct mail program. And, because they are not making enough sales, they believe they need more leads!

The second complaint is they can’t get enough sales appointments from their leads!
They’ll complain about the quality of the leads. And, they’ll tell you that most of their leads just want a quote over the phone.

The third complaint is most of these people tell the agent they just can’t afford the premiums for the mortgage insurance! “We just don’t have the money right now!”


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