Pros, Cons, Ins and Outs of How To Start A Gift Basket Business From Home

The gift basket business has been booming as the number of home-based businesses is steadily on the rise. According to statistics, the industry is worth approximately 3.5 billion dollars a year in the US. Although many retail flower shops also sell gift baskets and there are many basket shops around the States and Canada, this business is ideally suited as a home-based business. Creating gift baskets is one of the fastest growing types of businesses today that you can start from home.


  • The gift baskets can be assembled in and shipped directly from your home.
  • You can let your creative juices flow with this business.
  • This is a year round business with everyday occasions and special occasions.
  • You can make good money and be financial self sufficient with this business.
  • You are constantly delivering smiles and beaming with pride at your handy work.


  • This business will have you working overtime during crazy busy holidays
  • This business tends to spill over and take over your home during holidays.
  • You need some money to create your portfolio and to get started on the right foot.

Here are some ideas of the types of baskets you may want to offer as part of your portfolio.

  • Gourmet/Food Baskets. These are the most popular and steady sellers of all gift baskets businesses. These can be filled with gourmet food, snacks, chocolate, wine and cheese, cookies, crackers, etc.
  • Bath and Body Baskets- Also very popular, these baskets tend to include scented soaps, bath bombs, bath oils, lotions, and candles.
  • Baby Baskets- Can be customized to a baby girl or boy and commonly include baby powder, shampoo, baby soap, wipes, a teddy bear, a soother and a baby blanket.
  • Movie Night Baskets- These popular theme baskets include soda, Pringles, chocolate, a gift certificate for movie rental and a magazine with recent movie reviews. please visit:-

To advertise ideas your new home business, here are some ideas:

1. Create a website displaying your product line to have a place to send people when they wonder what your baskets look like. Make sure to include a price for small, medium and large versions of your basket for increased sales.

2. Donate a basket for community events where many spectators will be able to admire your baskets. Auctions and penny sales are ideal for these as well as fundraisers.

3. Place low cost classified ads in your community newspapers.

4. Network with other businesses such as restaurants, hotels, real estate offices, hospitals, schools, daycares, wedding planners and so on, tell them you have gift baskets for any occasion.

5. Distribute pamphlets to local businesses, especially where people will have time on their hand while waiting for their appointment such as at the hairdressers, the doctor`s office, the chiropractors or optometrist.

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