What Fishing Boat Is Best for You?

When purchasing a fishing boat, the only question you really need to answer is where you plan to do most of your fishing. So keeping that in mind, let’s look at the different models of boats that are sold to the average fisherman.

A jon boat has a flat hull with one, two, or three bench seats. It is a great boat for hunting due to its flat hull that rides over waves instead of through them. It usually has a transom for the outboard motor. Flat bottom boats are best in lakes & rivers that are shallow and filled with obstructions, like tree stumps. The jon boat has short sides & a flat hull. They are unstable in rough waters but they have more deck space for fishing because they are flat. please visit best trolling battery center https://www.savvyspender.ie http://www.lendersa.com

The V hull fishing boat is named that because of the shape of the hull… duh! The V-hull boat is known for its ability to cut through water and provide a smooth, drier ride for the occupants. However if you sit at the front or overload it with weight, the boat becomes unstable. Hulls with a deep V design may ride great and are dry but are not going to perform as well as semi-Vs or flat bottoms. The deep V hull is designed to throw water out from under the hull to improve the ride. The V hull boat has sides that are steeply pitched and the interior of the boat is somewhat narrower. The advantage to these boats is that in turbulent waters they are more stable and they give a smoother ride. They are best for deeper lakes & rivers.

The modified V hull boat can be used in both the shallow and the deeper bodies of water. This design has a less distinctive shape and allows the fisherman to go after his prey in shallow waters & yet it still gives its occupants a smooth ride when the waters get rough.

The runabout is a small motor boat that holds 6-8 people. Historically these boat’s hulls are all wood. The runabout is used for racing, fishing, and water skiing. It is also known by other names- bow rider, center console, cuddy boat, and walkaround. The outboard runabout is also known as a motor launch. This boat is a fairly open boat with seats running laterally across the width of the craft and sometimes it has decking over the bow area. Inboard runabouts are a bit larger and their hull would plane on top of water instead of plowing through. They are open and have removable shelter tops.

The bass boat is designed for bass fishing in freshwater such as lakes, rivers and streams. They are equipped with two motors, an outboard & a trolling motor. The bass boat is typically constructed of fiberglass or aluminum. The aluminum is usually smaller in size and less expensive than its fiberglass brother which is more spacious & handles better that the aluminum bass boat. They are equipped with swivel chairs that allow the fisherman to cast to any position around the boat as well as storage bins for tackle, equipment, rods & lures. There is a live well with an aerator on the boat that keeps the fish alive.

The last “fishing” boat has a dual purpose. It can be used to fish or to pull skiers or tubes down the river. The ski boat is a boat that uses high horsepower to safely tow one or more water skiers. The skier is pulled on a towrope that is attached to a tow bar or a cleat at the rear of the boat.

Each of the fishing boats discussed will give its owner the thrill of a fantastic day on the water. You just need to consider your needs and then go for it. Regardless of the boat you choose. It is always a great idea to have a for your fishing vessel so that you spend more time fishing and less time cleaning doing maintenance on your boat.

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