3 Ways to Publish RSS

As RSS news syndication gains popularity among users, new ways for publishing RSS are emerging. In this article, I examine the three most popular methods, and help you decide which one works best for you.

1. Blogs

Weblogs, or blogs, as they are commonly called, are the primary reason RSS gained
popularity. In fact, one of the earliest uses for RSS was for bloggers to monitor
other blogs for updates.

Most blogging systems will produce RSS newsfeeds automatically. All you need to
do is enter content, and the blogging software will build a newsfeed based on the
information you enter. No extra work is needed. Just add content to your blog, and
you have a newsfeed.

But there is one major disadvantage to using a blog for publishing RSS: you do not
have complete control of the RSS output. Most blogging software will simply take
an excerpt of your blog entry (eg, the first 15 words), and use that to create your
RSS item. As you can imagine, this can lead to problems. The first 15 words of a
blog entry don’t always capture the essence of that article.

2. RSS Publishing Software

Because of the inadequacy of blogs as a reliable and accurate RSS tool, new stand-
alone software was developed. This software has one purpose: to provide the user
with an easy way to create and publish RSS newsfeeds from their desktops. No
longer do you have to write a long article in your blog to produce RSS feeds. All you
have to do is enter a title for your news item, and (optionally) a couple sentences to
describe that headline – and your feed is better than the blog-produced feed.




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