The Cross is More Than Just Making Heaven

When most Christians think of the Cross they place the greatest importance on the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly the Lord suffered unthinkable pain and suffering from the Garden of Gethsemane to that final moment when He gave up His spirit, and that is certainly not to be minimized. However, the cross is emblematic of much more than just making Heaven when we die; it is so much more than a representation of suffering and death. The cross of Jesus Christ is a beacon on a hill extolling the good news of victory over all that oppresses and darkens our lives.

All of Christ’s pain and suffering accomplished a means for us to have our sins forgiven, to have a way back to God, from whence we came, and to provide a means that all of our needs might be met.

When we Christians think of Calvary we should be joyously grateful because it is the avenue through which God is able to meet all of our needs. The Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:19 that God would meet all of our needs through His riches and glory by Jesus Christ, or in other words, through the suffering and pain endured by Jesus Christ and then the finished work of Calvary.

Consider this: the Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 3:13,14 that Jesus became a curse by the means of Calvary so that Gentiles, us, would be afforded the same blessing pronounced by God over Abraham’s life. In addition to that good news the Holy Spirit would be able to come into the life of the believer and begin to lead that believer in all the ways of God.

If we as Christians had the same blessing that was on Abraham, and if we had the Holy Spirit to lead us to make right and good decisions, wouldn’t our lives be so much better? Why do we see Calvary only as a way to Heaven and not include it as a means for God to meet all of our needs?

The Apostle Paul declares in First Corinthians 1:17 that he was sent to preach the gospel… or to say it more plainly, to proclaim good news… so that Calvary would not become useless in the life of a Christian. Paul stated in verse 17 that if the good news of Calvary was not proclaimed then the cross of Christ would be of none effect.

The crux of the matter is that many Christians gaze upon the Cross and see only forgiveness for their sins. They feel less than spiritual if they feel no pain of some sort; no suffering for the Lord so to speak. Yes, there is a suffering we must endure, and that suffering is to stand up and be counted as a Christian; exclaiming that Jesus Christ is the way… the only way back to God. If you want to feel a sort of suffering, just start proclaiming those words in a crowd today.

God wants us to realize that not only has the Cross provided a way for us to be cleansed from all sin and have His very righteousness, but it has afforded a way for God to be able to meet every need that comes against us.

It’s important to understand that if the good news of Calvary, with respect to affording an avenue to meet all of one’s needs, isn’t comprehended then it won’t be received. If the promise of the Cross to meet all needs is not received it cannot come to pass in the life of the Christian who has a need; as a result, the Cross of Jesus Christ then becomes unable to have any effect in that area of the Christian life.

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