Some Revealing News About Olympus SLR Cameras

As most people know, Olympus is a major manufacturer of some of the best cameras around. More specifically, they manufacture some of the best SLR cameras.

Now, my brother is not a pro photographer, nonetheless, he really enjoys photography. He was given a Canon F by my father, and ever since, he is the camera guru to me.

On his camera he uses a 20D along with a 420EX flash. He also has some lenses which he bought for a couple thousand dollars (crazy, I know). A little while ago I bought an E-500 lens kit for much less than what my brother paid. We can both say that it was a much better buy than what he bought.

When many people take pictures and they turn out bad, their first instinct is to blame the camera. Actually, almost all the time it is not the camera, but furthermore the user. Not everyone who uses a camera is a professional, and most actually have very little knowledge about cameras and photography. I know of people who use lower level cameras than mine, yet still get way better quality photos. More details please

I have realized that when in low light, the E500 is not able to focus as quickly as the 20D which my brother uses. It still does focus, just not as fast. Although, I did some reading around and soon found there is a way around this. This proves that there are ways to overcome problems with most cameras, they just require a bit of research.

Him and I, along with other family members, can all agree that the E500 is much more comfortable to hold, and actually quite a lot lighter compared to my brothers 20D.

We both enjoy the LCD controls on the rear of the camera, with its many features ranging from ISO, to flash speed, to exposure. All of its features seem to be better than that of the 20D, and much easier to access and change (especially a beginner).

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