Homeschool News – 7 Shocking Facts About Home-Based Education

What do you think when you hear the word “homeschooler”? Do you think spelling bees and huge families? Do you think socially awkward? Well, here are some statistics that may surprise you. But be careful, this may turn your image of homeschooling upside down.

The HSLDA reports some amazing new statistics in homeschooling. First off, how many children do you think are home-schooled? In the last decade, the population of students in home education has grown from 850,000 to an estimated 1.5 to 2 million.

Fact #1: Homeschoolers perform 34-39% above the national average in standardized tests. The national average, by definition, is 50%. Homeschoolers test at 84-89% in subject by subject standardized test scores, well above the national average.

Fact #2: Children in lower income families who homeschool outperform public education. Even families making a combined household income of less than $35,000 per year outperformed public education by 35% in standardized test scores.

Fact 3#: Boys and girls respond well to homeschool education. Only one percentage point separated male and female students in standardized test scores with boys averaging 87% and girls 88%.

Fact #4: Home-schooled children of parents who do not have a college education outperform public education. Even in homes in which neither parent has a degree, students tested at 83% nationally. That’s 33% above the national average.

Fact #5: Stronger government regulation does not increase student achievement. No discernible achievement difference is shown in states with high, medium, or low levels of regulation. Students’ performance levels for all three categories come in at 87-88%, or 37-38% above the national public school average.

Fact #6: Spending more per student via public education does not improve performance. Homeschool education generally costs $500 per student each year for curriculum and supplies, while public education costs an average of nearly $10,000. Regardless of total dollars per student, homeschool students came in at 86-89% performance, or 36-39% above the national public school average.

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