News Flash – Physical Activity Cures Boredom!

When Was the Last Time You Complained of Boredom?

It has been years – correction: decades since I can say that I suffered from boredom. Oh, I’ve endured depression and/or frustration lots of times when things weren’t going my way. But boredom? Nope.

Seems to me the last time I actually experienced boredom, my mom urged me to get up and DO something. Um… ‘urged’ may be a bit too kind – now that I think of it, I remember it was more like kicked in the a.. well, you know.

Ancient wisdom – and I’m talking about from my parent’s time all the way back to the earliest days of civilization, certainly long before current day pop psychology – well all these wise people intrinsically understood that emotion follows motion. Up until the mid-20th century, humans have been a very busy lot. And if historical accounts are correct, they certainly were much happier than their descendants here in the 21st century.

No Pharmacy Needed for This Boredom Cure

However, rarely does the ’emotion follows motion’ formula ever work in reverse to cure boredom.

In plain English, if you want to relieve boredom and feel better now, MOVE. But if you wait until you feel like moving, chances of you changing your emotional state from boredom to feeling better are highly unlikely.

I know what you’re thinking – (don’t worry, I’m not woo-woo clairvoyant or anything like that… just reporting all-too-common modern symptoms) – experiencing boredom for many people in today’s society would be a welcome relief! “You think our ancestors were busy? They had NOTHING compared to our current lifestyle,” I hear you say.

Stress Is the New Boredom

So how about we exchange the word boredom with the word stress for the subject of this article? As in ‘stress’ is the new ‘boredom’.

Yes, we’re busier than ever before in the history of mankind. Modern day ‘time-savers’ simply cut down the number of people required to run a home or office. This means that you get to do the work of 20 people. Now there’s a cure for boredom if there ever was one!)

However, even with all this busyness, there is a dramatic decrease in physical activity as we’re desk-bound with all our electronic gadgetry, over-taxing the mind while completely ignoring the body’s main stress-relief outlet… exercise.

How to Never Experience Boredom – Even the New Kind

You may be like me and totally love what you do for your work. Most days I easily average in the 8-12 hour range in front of my beloved computer. My family marvels at my self-discipline and focus. Boredom NEVER enters my mind. However, if I miss a few days of physical activity, I notice my stress levels climb as my efficiency and productivity plummets.

I recently read an interesting study of two school systems in Taiwan. Unlike the U.S. where physical education and recess activities are being cut almost everywhere you look in favor of squeezing in more ‘electives’, the Taiwanese system actually incorporates MORE physical activity into their daily regimen.

Having read this article this far, you can probably guess the effects the Taiwanese methods have on boredom and stress. What surprised me was the degree!

The Taiwanese system proved beyond any doubt, at least in my mind, that physical activity cures boredom (and stress). Emotion really does follow motion. The more you move, the more you’re gonna Love That Feeling!

The world can seem like a crazy place sometimes… OK, a LOT of the time! However, no matter what is going on in your life, magic happens when you learn how to choose better feelings now! You’re Gonna Love That Feeling []

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