Neuro Sarcoidosis: All You Need to Know and Exciting News

Neuro sarcoidosis implies the involvement of the Central Nervous System in sarcoidosis. In sarcoidosis, the immune system is activated to fight a non-existent enemy, hence the name autoimmune. This results in sever inflammation and forming of granuloma in various tissues.

This is an article that will be looking into the involvement of the Central Nervous System in sarcoidosis or Neuro sarcoidosis. By the end of this article the reader will know all the important facts and what to look for to be able to recognize neuro sarcoidosis, as well as some new information that offers new found hope to the people suffering from this mysterious condition.

Neuro sarcoidosis – how often does it occur and what it can lead to?

Two to seven out of every 100 patients suffering from sarcoidosis develop some sort of CNS involvement. Because of the importance of the CNS in pretty much every process that goes on in the body, this is probably one of the worst forms of the disease.

Those affected by this ailment can start to experience disturbances in the way their senses work and even loss of hearing and taste. Facial weakness is another common manifestations of neuro sarcoidosis.

If neuro sarcoidosis takes the path of affecting the hypothalamus various other implications may follow, because the hypothalamus plays a crucial role in so many essential bodily function such as maintenance of body weight.

Neuro sarcoidosis – how it is diagnosed?

It is fair to say that of all forms of the disease, this one is the trickiest when it comes to diagnosing it. This is mainly due to the fact that in other form of sarcoidosis the doctors can “go in” and take a tissue sample out and analyze it. This is called a biopsy. However, this is not possible in neuro sarcoidosis and this is what makes things tricky. Most of the time, the process of determine whether a person demonstrating sarcoidosis-like symptoms really does have neuro sarcoidosis is an MRI scan.

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