Early News On Microsoft 9 Blue

It’s hard to believe, but Microsoft engineers are already working on the next version of Windows, even though Windows 8 was just released in October. Not many details have been leaked yet, but there are many people speculating on what it may or may not have to offer. This version may be Microsoft 9, but is also codenamed Microsoft Blue, so some call it Microsoft 9 Blue. There hasn’t even been a release date yet for this new version of Windows, but it sounds like they are looking to release it sometime toward the middle of next year. While the details are still very fuzzy, there are a few things that have been said about this new version that developers are currently working on.

One of the things that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed is that they are releasing Microsoft 9 Blue in an attempt to provide customers with more frequent updates. They are hoping that it gives everyone a smoother experience without having to deal with lagging or frequent computer crashes. Rumor has it that they are trying to switch to annual upgrades. Once they have rolled out the yearly upgrades, they should have more luck with keeping up with their main competition. Another new feature in this new upgrade will help prevent piracy, as pirated versions will cease to work, helping them save money. This is good because they are hoping to pass on the savings to the consumer. It is rumored that the overall goal is to make Microsoft 9 Blue free or cheap to people who already have an older version. More details please visit:-https://junyuanbags.com/ https://topgunsshop.com Technologies-news.com

Don’t be expecting this new operating system to be yet another overhaul of the current version, though. It is still early so information is sparse, but it sounds like this new Microsoft 9 Blue is going to focus more on fixing technical bugs, meaning it will likely look a lot more similar to the current version than in the past. This may be the case from here on out if Microsoft is planning on more frequent upgrades as opposed to the complete overhauls every few years as they did in the past.

While details are still very vague and Microsoft 9 Blue is still in the early stages, there are sources that say this is going to be a change for Microsoft. With the plan to release a new upgrade annually as opposed to every few years, this may be a way to help consumers save money on upgrades, leading to better competition against their biggest competitors. Only time can tell what this new version will really have to offer, and hopefully more details will be released soon.

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