Bad News For Link Exchange Partners

In the past Link Exchanges between related websites have always been a popular form of gaining visibility in the Search Engines and building up a network of related sites all pointing to you. For a while now it has been known that although this is useful for getting indexed, it does not help as much (as it used to) in terms of gaining popularity and getting you up the search engines.

So now SEO Specialists and affiliate marketers have moved to Blogging / Forum Posting / Social Networking and Bookmarking to name just a few of the latest strategies for building link popularity and thus gain that all important Page 1 in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) that all site owners are after.

The problem with all of the above is that, yes there may be some loosely similar themed sites out there; none of them are related – not REALLY related. Not as related as having a whopping great big homepage link from your closest competitor. More details please visit:-

OK, so you could start you own blog on your very own domain but then you have got to build links for that so you’re back to square one.

So that brings you back to link exchanging where you manually build up the sites that you are getting links from. The key here is that you can choose who you want to get links from and thus choose the most relevant and most popular sites that are ultimately going to give you more “juice”.

And here’s the good news: there are ways you can convert those reciprocal links in to one way links that “superchargers” your site. All those years of exchanging links with other webmasters are no longer in vain and you can finally “do something” with all those outbound links you have sitting on your site.

Although doing this has been possible for a long time, the “know how” of implementing these strategies has been the well kept secret of a few. Well, the whistle has been blown!

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