Phone Insurance and Getting Upset With the News That Windows XP is the Target of Hackers

I generally think of my computer as my partner in doing business and pleasure. This may sound a little weird but these past few weeks, I seem to be spending more time in front of my laptop rather that my family that is why I make up to them on week ends as make it a point to go out with them. Basically, my laptop is like my electronic buddy always available to help me earn a living so when I read news that many people who use the XP format got hacked and whacked by viruses, I began acting like Tom Hanks as he wanted to take care of Wilson. Although I have not gone that far as to actually naming my laptop, I still began to worry that if ever my laptop was to crash due to an attack, I will be so destroyed.

I immediately called my friend to set up a nice firewall for me and I also bought a stronger anti virus and set it up to auto updates, since Microsoft would be battling out with these hackers who are also constantly updating their Pandora ‘s Box as well. I also decided to buy mobile phone insurance for my iPhone because I heard some disturbing phone viruses as well and coverage too for my newly purchased Apple iPad which arrived two months ago. While I could no longer insure my laptop that has been with me for 2 years now, my iPad could still be bought proper insurance coverage because it’s relatively new, and the same with the phone insurance. Had it not for that news that I read and a friend confirming of the threat, I guess I would not have thought about it in a zillion years. More details please

I heard that these hackers only tend to attack a weakness in some parts of the Windows XP’s help and support system and according to BBC news, people called it “nightmare attacks” since most of the victims found their entire hard drives where all their projects and client data is stored. I really don’t want to use Vista so I’m sticking with my simple XP despite the risk and I’m just going to have to fight fire with fire. Getting the mobile insurance and the policy for my tablet I believe was a slick move in my part so that in any case they would still get my XP, my backed up files in my iPad will remain virtually untouchable, since as of to date, I know that more hackers prefer to hack and infect PC users over the Mac, and that’s a fact, XP or no XP.

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