Major News Network Reports On South African Hoodia Gordonii

With a family of 13 species, the South African hoodia gordonii is a cactus-like plant which is a member of the flowering succulent family and only grows in the hot, arid Kalahari desert of South Africa. Global media coverage of the hoodia gordonii and its’ alleged appetite suppressing, hunger curbing properties has caused worldwide interest in this proposed solution to help lose weight and reduce obesity.

Curious to find out more about the amazing properties of the South African hoodia gordonii, a news crew from a major American television network was sent to gather the facts. Hiring a native San Bushman as their guide, the news crew set out to try and track down the hoodia plant which the San have been using for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant. It wasn’t long before a plant was located and the news reporter was offered a taste of the plant’s juicy leaves.

Describing the texture of the South African hoodia gordonii plant as “somewhat similar to that of a cucumber”, the news reporter subsequently reported, that although having missed meals that day, they had not had any hunger or thirst pangs for the entire day.

Despite having been used for thousands of years by the San Bushmen to curb hunger pangs on their long hunts and desert trips, the appetite suppressant qualities of the South African hoodia gordonii were not discovered until some 30 years after research was carried out in the 1960’s. Once theses qualities were identified in a South African national laboratory, the discovery was patented and a license for the production and distribution was granted to a pharmaceutical company called Phytopharm in the UK, who, it has been reported, has spent many millions of dollars on research. More details please

One hindering fact borne of this research is that it has been almost impossible to synthetically recreate the active ingredient of the South African hoodia gordonii, and it is this active ingredient that provides the appetite suppressing qualities of the hoodia plant. This has created the need for large plantations of hoodia gordonii plants to be grown naturally in the Kalahari desert, something that has not been done on such a large scale before.

The amazing success story of South African hoodia gordonii is due, in large, to 2 effects. Firstly, its ability to suppress appetites without hunger pangs. And secondly, it provides a highly sought after solution to easy weight loss. Clinical trials have shown that the hoodia gordonii was able to decrease appetites by about 1000 calories a day in test groups. That equates to approximately a decrease in calories of 38% for an average American man and about 52% less calories for an average American woman.

With obesity on the rise in many parts of the world, it is not known if the growth of South African hoodia gordonii can be maintained enough to satisfy the high demand required by drug companies to produce the hoodia gordonii weight loss products.

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